Yea he is fast, but check out the pistol!
And he shoots revolver? Not Fair!
Now why can't I do that???
Hey! Whos is running the iPad?
Okay, sometimes fast is actually fast
Speed with style... Well done!!
See, less hair... Much Faster :)
I think the hair slowed her down...
Where did all these Wheel Guns come from?
He got his groove on, no its not Stella
Normal speed?? Yes, I hate him too!
Smooth is definitely fast!!
Was that as fast as it seemed?  WOW!
Wheel Gunners.. So how do they do it?
Is the gun small or are his hands big?
He was wearing flip flops. Seriously!!
He needs a fancier shoot. More style!
Use the force Luke!

Pictures from the Event

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