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Let's get classified!

1) If you are not a member of SCSA / USPSA Join.  (

2) If you are a member, make sure your membership is up to date. (

  1. Only stages that bear "SC" numbers (SC-101, SC-102, etc.) are used for classification.

  2. A minimum of four stages per division are required for classification.

  3. Stages will not be included in the classification calculation until the activity fee for that match has been paid by the club hosting the match.

  4. If you have shot a stage more than once, your best stage time will count.

  5. A stage time is the aggregate time for the stage from a match (total of the best 4 of 5, or 3 of 4, times for the stage in a match).

  6. Only stages shot in the current or previous calendar year are used for classification.

  7. Your classification percentage can go down, however, once you earn a classification (A, B, etc.) it will not go down.

  8. Your classification percentage is calculated as follows:

    1. 8.1 Your total time for all classifier stages that you shot is added up (Total_Stage_Time)

    2. 8.2 The total "peak times" for the stages you shot is added up (Total_Peak_Time)

    3. 8.3 Your percentage is defined as (Total_Peak_Time) / (Total_Stage_Time)

    4. 8.4 Your percentage is mapped to a classification

  9. USPSA headquarters cannot process manual corrections to scores. If a score or division is incorrect, contact the match director and request corrected scores be uploaded. If a score cannot be correct, USPSA staff can mark it "invalid" (not to be used in classification)

  10. Classifications are calculated early Wednesday AM on a weekly basis. This time was chosen to minimize the chances of a classification changing during a match.

Steel Challenge Classification System (Press Release)

Division = Limited        Total Peak Time = 67

Your Total Time for the 6 OBSC Stages = 90

Class % = 74%        Class Level = B Shooter

Peak Times (OB Steel Challenge Stages - Blue Background)

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